Micro-fabrication in IMSE Cleanroom

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Laser Lithography System

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The Heidelberg DWL66+ Laser writer provides advanced patterning applications using 375 nm UV laser to pattern a single resist layer by either simple exposure, front side aligned exposure, or back side aligned exposure. In addition, the writer can generate 3D patterns by using gray scale mode in which the intensity of the laser is varied while the laser is rastered. The smallest feature size that can be printed is better than 600 nm. The resist thickness can range from 100 nm to 100 micrometer. It can also be used to make photomasks for mask based lithography system.

IMSE Contact & Approved Trainer:
Rahul Gupta (rgupta24@wustl.edu)

Training Documents:
NOTE: User must demonstrate skills to IMSE staff before independent use.
AutoCAD guidelines
Operating instructions
Gray Scale (3D) patterning with Laser Lithography and RIE
Recipe optimization guidelines

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Technical Info:
Instrument Specifications
AZP4620 Resist datasheet
KL IR 15 Resist datasheet
S1805 Resist datasheet
SU8-2025 Resist datasheet
SU8-2050 Resist datasheet