Micro-fabrication in IMSE Cleanroom

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Savannah ALD Instrument

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The Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system from Veeco (Model Savannah S100 Thermal ALD) can deposit several different kinds of materials with high conformality and at an atomic level (Angstrom) thickness control. Films can be deposited at up to 400 C. Currently, IMSE provides the capability of Al2O3 using Trimethyl Aluminum (TMA) precursor and water as co-reactants in the Al2O3 ALD process. Three additional precursors can be installed at same time on the instrument. Users are allowed to bring their own precursors. IMSE also provides the capability to measure thin film properties using ellipsometry, profilometry, SEM, TEM, XPS, resistivity, etc.

IMSE Contact & Approved Trainer:
Rahul Gupta (rgupta24@wustl.edu)


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