Micro-fabrication in IMSE Cleanroom

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MJB Mask Aligner (3") Laser Writer ICP/RIE Nanofab/PECVD Sputtering Deposition Thermal Evaporator Deposition Tube Furnace Wet etching Miscellaneous


Recipes listed below have been tested by IMSE staff at some point in past. These are not guaranteed to work. Please use these as a starting point in developing your recipe.

MJB Mask Aligner (3" diameter)

AZP4620 resist process
SU8-2050 resist process
S1805 resist process

Laser Writer

Repeatability tests
AZ 1500 resist process
AZP4620 resist process
KL IR 15 resist process
S1805 resist process
AutoCAD Guidelines
Mask Preparation
AutoCAD alignment template
AutoCAD alignment template for Mask based Alignment
Guidelines for FS/BS alignment marks
GrayScale Template


Repeatability tests
Bosch Si etch performance
Si etch (continuous etch) performance
SiO2 etch performance
SiN etch performance
Resist etch rate (O2 plasma)
Nb etch performance
Cleaning recipes


SiO2 deposition
SiN deposition
Poly-Si deposition


Repeatability tests

Sputtering Deposition

Aluminum deposition
Cr deposition
Cu deposition
Nb deposition
SiO2 deposition
ZnO deposition

Thermal Evaporator Deposition

Ag deposition
Au deposition

Tube Furnace

Oxidation rates

Wet Etching

Glass etching in HF


Lift-off process with KLIR 15 Resist
Lift-off process with LOR10B/S1805 Resist
PDMS Process