Micro-fabrication in IMSE Cleanroom

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Acid Fume Hood

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The Acid Fume hood located in the Class 100 Clean Room allows wet etching of nanometer scale features in different substrate materials including Silicon wafers. A buddy system is required in most operations. Additional training is required before any independent use. The training is documented in the Bluebook. IMSE provides the necessary PPE for safe use of chemicals.

Following chemicals are supplied by IMSE (and are included in your rate):

The following chemicals are in use by other PIs (will require additional permission from PIs before use):

IMSE Contact & Approved Trainer:
Rahul Gupta (rgupta24@wustl.edu)

Training Documents:
NOTE: User must demonstrate skills to IMSE staff before independent use (Acid hood training form).
Personal Protective Equipment (Acid Use)
Acid Waste Handling
Training Videos

HydroFluoric (HF) Acid
Cr 1020 Etchant
Pirahna etch
RCA Clean
HF/HNO3 mixtures

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Technical Info:
Safety Data Sheets of chemicals