Micro-fabrication in IMSE Cleanroom

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CR-Solvent Hood(1)

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THe Solvent hood has the capability to handle any number of solvents and developers. This is one of two solvent hoods and is located in Cleanroom Class 100 room. Waste is handled in a controlled and safe manner. Additional DI water is available for high purity applications. Hot plates and ultrasonicator are included in the reservation. Typically, the area is used during the development process in Photolithography.


IMSE Contact & Approved Trainer:
Rahul Gupta (rgupta24@wustl.edu)

Training Documents:
NOTE: User must demonstrate skills to IMSE staff before independent use.
Personal Protective Equipment
Solvent Waste Handling

SOP for NaClO2,NaOH,Na3PO4 mixture


Technical Info:
Safety Data Sheets of chemicals

Following chemicals must use apron and face shield. Check SDS of each chemical to ensure PPE compliance and verify with staff.

Following chemicals can be heated during normal 8-5pm working hours. IMSE staff makes the determination of which chemical should be heated. Review SDS for each chemical.