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GAMSEIS Equipment

The equipment used for the GAMSEIS array is specially designed by the PASSCAL instrument center for use in extreme cold. The data-logger and batteries are kept in a large insulated box to protect them from the cold. The sensors are housed in blue-foam insulation and covered by large insulated domes. For power we use solar panels connected to rechargeable batteries during the summer and supplement this with specially designed, single-use lithium battery packs during the winter when it's dark 24hrs a day. Fortunately the system is designed to run on very low power (~1W) to limit energy consumption and maximize recording time. For more information about the design of this system please visit the PASSCAL website, and to see the equipment in the field view our pictures from this year's deployment.


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This project was funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs as a part of the International Polar Year

Revised: January 29, 2008