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Seismology Group People

Doug Wiens Robert S. Brookings Distinguished Professor doug_at_seismo x6517
Michael Wysession Professor michael_at_seismo x5625
Patrick Shore Sr Research Scientist patrick_at_seismo x7357
Ghassan Al-Eqabi Sr Research Scientist ghassan_at_seismo x5817
Martin Pratt Research Scientist martin_at_seismo x 
Andrew Lloyd Graduate Student alloyd_at_seismo x8297
Chen Cai Graduate Student cai.chen_at_levee x6619
Melody Eimer Graduate Student eimer_at_levee x8491
Amanda Price Graduate Student acprice_at_levee x7292
Zhengyang Zhou Graduate Student zhou.z_at_levee x7292

Seismology Group Alumni

David Petroy M.A. 1988 Director of International Sales & Marketing, Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc.
Aristeo Pelayo Ph.D. 1990 Fate & Transport Modeler, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
An-Ning Zhu Ph.D.
Megan Flanagan Ph.D. 1994 Research Seismologist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeffrey McGuire B.A. 1994 Assistant Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Dapeng Zhao postdoc 95-97 Associate Professor, Ehime University
Brian Hicks B.A. 1995  
Hersh Gilbert B.A. 1996 Research Associate, University of Arizona
Raúl Valenzuela Ph.D 1996 Assistant Professor, Instituto de Geofisica, UNAM
Saadia Baqer postdoc 97-02 middle school Arabic teacher
Gideon Smith postdoc 98-03 Medical Student, Cornell Medical School
Keith Koper Ph.D. 1998 Associate Professor, Saint Louis University
Erich Roth Ph.D. 1999 Senior Software Engineer, Onset Computer Corporation
Nathan Snider B.A. 2000 Systems Analyst, EPRSL, Washington University
Brian Shiro M.A. 2002 Staff Geophysicist, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Stacey Maurice Ph.D. 2003 Sr. Geoscientist, Exxon-Mobil
Jesse Lawrence Ph.D. 2004 Assistant Professor, Stanford University
Sara Pozgay Ph.D. 2007 Postdoc, Australia National University
Rigobert Tibi Research Scientist -2007 Research Scientist, Schlumberger
James Conder Research Scientist -2008 Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
Moira Pyle Ph.D. 2009 Post-doctoral Research Staff, Lawrence Livermore
Mitchell Barklage Ph.D. 2010 Geophysicist, Nodal Seismic
David Heeszel Ph.D. 2011 Geophysicist, US Regulatory Commission
Erica Emry Ph.D. 2012 Postdoc, Penn State University
Garrett Euler Ph.D. 2012 Postdoc, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Amanda Lough Ph.D. 2014 Postdoc, Carnegie Institute for Science
Aubreya Adams Post Doc 2012-2015 Assistant Professor
Colgate University
Songqiao Wei Ph.D. 2016 Assistant Professor,
Michigan State University
Martin Pratt Ph.D. 2016 Adjunct Associate Research Scientist,
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Weisen Shen Post Doc 2015-2017 Assistant Professor
Stonybrook University


We are always looking for new expertise to be added to our group. If you would like to become a graduate student, read the information on this page and contact somone in the group. As a graduate student member of our group, you will receive a first-rate education in earth and planetary science with ample research and field work opportunities.

Post-doctoral positions are often available, so please inquire with Doug Wiens or Michael Wysession. We look forward to hearing from you!

NOTE: All phone numbers begin with x = (314) 935-....

Revised: June 9,2010