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The Washington University seismology group has one of the most active field programs for broadband seismology in the US. By placing seismic arrays in geologically interesting places, one can often gain a higher resolution picture inside the Earth than with a more widespread global distribution of seismographs.

ELSC Geodymanics of the Eastern Lau Spreading Center 2010-2011
GAMSEIS Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains Seismic Experiment Nov 07 - Jan 09
Polenet The Polar Earth Observing Network Nov 07 - Jan 12
CAMEROON Seismological Investigation of the Cameroon Volcanic Line Jan 05 - Jan 07
MARIANA Multi-Scale Seismic Imaging of the Mariana Subduction Factory Apr 03 - Oct 04
SAFT Seismic Arrays in Fiji and Tonga Jul 01 - Aug 02
FLED Florida to Edmonton Array May 01 - Sept 02
TAMSEIS Transantarctic Mountains Seismic Experiment Nov 00 - Nov 03
BSOBS Bransfield Strait - South Shetlands Ocean Bottom Seismograph Survey Dec 98 - May 99
SEPA Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica Jan 97 - Nov 01
MOMA Missouri to Massachusetts Array Jan 95 - Apr 96
LABATTS Lau Basin Ocean Bottom Seismograph Survey Sept 94 - Dec 94
SPaSE Southwest Pacific Seismic Experiment Nov 93 - Dec 95

Revised: January 29, 2008