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The seismology group is located on the 3rd floor of Scott Rudolph Hall on the Washington Universitiy Danforth campus, which is situated among the cities of Clayton, University City, and St. Louis. Transportation to the campus takes about twenty minutes via car or public transportation from the Lambert Airport. For maps of the area, click here.

Contact Inforamation

To find someone's email or phone number, see the people page. Two alternate mailing addresses are given below.

US Postal Service mail:

Washington University
Campus Box 1169
One Brookings Drive
Saint Louis, MO 63130-4899

UPS or FedEx packages:

Washington University
Earth & Planetary Sciences
Scott Rudolph Hall, Room 110
Saint Louis MO 63130 (314)-935-5610

We can be faxed at the following number: (314) 935-7361.


The seismology group's field seismology resources consist of:

1 Nanometrics T120P seismometer
1 Nanometrics T40 seismometer
6 Nanometrics T120PA seismometers
3 STS2s
3 Kinemetrics Q330S dataloggers

The seismology group's computing resources consist of:

2 Dell R900 Servers
    (4 x Six-core 2.4 GHz Xeon E7450, 128GB RAM each)
1 Sun Ultra 40
    (2 x Dual-core 3.0 GHz Opteron 2222, 16GB RAM)
1 Sun Fire V880 Server
    (9 x 900 MHz UltraSPARC III+, 16GB RAM)

2 Sun Blade 2000
2 Sun Blade 100
1 Sun Ultra 60
2 Sun Ultra 45
2 Sun Ultra 10
2 Sun Ultra 5
2 Sun Ultra 2
3 Sun Ultra 1
3 Sun SPARC 10
1 Sun SPARC 5
1 Sun SPARC 4
several PC computers

The seismology group also has access to the Washington University Center for Scientific Parallel Computing, which has a 128-node SGI Altix 3000, a 64-node SGI Origin 2000, an 8-node SGI 750 Cluster, and a 4-node SGI Origin 200.

Revised: January 29, 2008