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These are some of the EPSc courses that might be useful for seismology or geodynamics students. Saint Louis University offers some additional courses as well.

  Title Instructor(s)
352: Earth Materials Pasteris
353: Earth Forces Wiens
404: Ideas and Controversies in the Geosciences Wiens & Pasteris
428: Hydrology Criss
452: Introduction to Seismology Wysession
453: Interior of the Earth Wysession & Wiens
454: Exploration and Environmental Geophysics Wiens & Shore
473: Planetary Geology McKinnon
553: Geophysical Data Analysis Wiens
459: Geodynamics Solomatov
558: Advanced Geodynamics Solomatov
561: Advanced Seismology Wiens or Wysession
569: Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria Fegley
570: Planetary Geophysics and Dynamics McKinnon


Seth Stein's and Michael Wysession's book is complete. An Introduction to Seismology, Earthquakes, and Earth Structure is available from Blackwell Science and a bookstore near you (ISBN 0865420785). This book is an introduction to seismology and its role in the earth sciences, and is written for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students.

Contents:   1. Introduction; 2. Basic Seismological Theory; 3. Seismology and Earth Structure; 4. Earthquakes; 5. Seismology and Plate Tectonics; 6. Seismograms as Signals; 7. Inverse Problems; Appendix. Mathematical and Computational Background.

Figures and homework solutions are available online.


We are always looking for new expertise to be added to our group. If you would like to become a graduate student, read the information on this page and contact somone in the group. As a graduate student member of our group, you will receive a first-rate education in earth and planetary science with ample research and field work opportunities.

Post-doctoral positions are often available, so please inquire with Doug Wiens or Michael Wysession. We look forward to hearing from you!

Revised: October 22, 2003