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GAMSEIS Photo Gallery

Testing the sensors before deployment

Electronics were stored in insulated boxes

Instruments were wired to front of box for connections in field

One complete station weighs ~800lbs

Sensors were insulated from the cold

David Heeszel checking a station in the field

Solar panels provide power during the summer
(Lithium batteries during the winter)

East Arctic Plateau (It all looks pretty much like this)

South Pole Station

Halo around sun

Field Team for 2008 Season

Frostified PASSCAL polar support team

Earthquake on the Macquarie Ridge

Earthquake in Sichuan, China

Panoramic Photo of AGAP-S Camp (courtesy Robin Bell)


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This project was funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programsas a part of the International Polar Year.

Revised: January 29, 2008