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SEPA Photos

Station Setup and Logistics

Zodiak ride to O'Higgins

How the Chilean Base O'Higgins gets its water

STS-2 seismograph in the vault, O'Higgins Base

R/V Laurence M. Gould, used on the 1998-1999 servicing trip

Station setup at Deception Island

Solar panel array at Elephant Island

Chilean Navy Ship "Isaza", which provided transport to the various sites

Chilean Antarctic Base "Arturo Prat"

R/V Abel-J, used on the 1997-1998 servicing trip

Launching the zodiac

Gonzalo Perez (U de Chile) with Reftek datalogger at Frei Base

The zodiac heads to shore

Expedition Personnel

Emilio Vera and Rodrigo Adaros (U. de Chile) at O'Higgins

Patrick Shore (Washington U) and Emilio Vera (U. de Chile) - summer in the Peninsula

Emilio Vera presents the results of the project to the Dotacion (2000)

Dotacion (2000)

Doug Wiens (Washington U) and Emilio Vera (U. de Chile) analyze data in Santiago

Emilio Vera confronts a seal

Patrick Shore (Washington U) and Paul Friberg (PASSCAL) install solar panels on Elephant Island

Patrick Shore and the seismic station at Cueva del Milodon in Patagonia

Kenneth Lein, Stacey Robertson, and Patrick Shore at Palmer Station, Antarctica

Raul Rodriguez, Rodrigo Adaros, Doug Wiens, David Phillips, and John Evans at Spring Point hut

Doug, Rodrigo, Raul, and Stacey at the new Spring Point station

Stacey, John Evans, Fred Taylor, and Raul on Elephant Island

Scenery, Seals, and Pengiuns

scene from the station at Frei base

Campsite at Elephant Island, as viewed from the seismic station

Mountains at Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in Patagonia

Face to face with an Elephant Seal

Chinstrap penguins stroll along the beach

Gentoo Penguin on its nest with a chick, Elephant Island

Penguins on nests with chicks, Low Island

Kenneth and Stacey try to fit in with the seals, Elephant Island

King penguin on Elephant Island


BSOBS Photos


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This project was funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs and the Instituto Antártico Chileno

Revised: October 22, 2003