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Anatahan Eruption

Washington University seismologists Patrick Shore, Brian White, and Sara Pozgay were fortunate to witness the eruption of the Anatahan volcano on May 11, 2003 - just days after they had installed a seismic station there. Although ash covered the site, it continued to operate fine until Patrick Shore revisited the island on May 21 to clear the ash and download the data. The following links cite many interesting aspects of this eruption.

Local Links & Pictures

CNMI & Anatahan General Information

Information about the Eruption

News Stories of the Eruption

5/11/03: CNMI EMO Special Advisory (CNMI EMO)
5/11/03: CNMI Volcano erupts (Pacific Magazine)
5/12/03: Anatahan Volcano Erupts (Saipan Tribune)
5/12/03: Marianas Volcano Erupts (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/12/03: Ash Cloud Spews from Volcano (
5/12/03: Volcano Erupts in Northern Marianas (Go Asia Pacific)
5/12/03: Volcano Thought to be Extinct Erupts (VOA News)
5/13/03: DECLARATION OF EMERGENCY: Volcanic Eruption on Anatahan (CNMI EMO)
5/13/03: Anatahan Continue to Spew Out Ashes (Saipan Tribune)
5/13/03: Scientists Pleased with Documented Eruption (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/13/03: "Beautiful Island" Still Billowing in Marianas (Pacific Islands Report)
5/13/03: Eruption Could Spoil Planned Navy Exercises (Saipan Tribune)
5/13/03: CNMI Uncertain if Anatahan has Residents (Pacific Islands Report)
5/13/03: Surprise Eruption was at Site of Navy Exercises (Pacific Islands Report)
5/14/03: Huge Plume Spreading Above Anatahan in Marianas (Pacific Islands Report)
5/14/03: Hawaii Volcanologists to Monitor Marianas Eruption (Pacific Islands Report)
5/14/03: Anatahan Declared 'unsafe' (Go Asia Pacific)
5/14/03: Marianas Declares Emergency as Volcano Gains Strength (Go Asia Pacific)
5/14/03: Emergency Declared as Volcano Gains Strength (Pacific Magazine)
5/14/03: Pacific Volcano Worsens (Herald Sun)
5/14/03: State of Emergency After Eruption in the Northern Marianas (Radio New Zealand International)
5/16/03: Marianas Eruption Continues, Village Blanketed in Ash (Pacific Islands Report)
5/16/03: Mayor Proposes Relocating Residents of Anatahan (Pacific Islands Report)
5/16/03: Anatahan Continues to Belch Ashes (Saipan Tribune)
5/16/03: Ash Plume from CNMI Volcano Rises Three Kilometres (Go Asia Pacific)
5/18/03: N. Marianas Seek Better Volcano Alerts (The State)
5/19/03: Eruptions An Unforeseen Disruption (CBS News)
5/19/03: Eruption Near Saipan Intrigues Isle Scientists (Star Bulletin)
5/19/03: Flirting with Danger (Globe and Mail)
5/19/03: Volcano Alerts Draw Heat (New York Daily News)
5/19/03: Volcanic Eruption Causes Concern Over Warnings (Washington Post)
5/20/03: Wrenching Relocation for Residents of "Paradise" (Pacific Islands Report)
5/21/03: Emergency Extended After Northern Marianas Eruption (Radio New Zealand International)
5/23/03: Volcanic Ash Residue from Anatahan Eruption, Pungent Odor Present Throughout Island (KUAM 8 News)
5/24/03: Smog Advisory in Effect (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/25/03: Typhoon Blows Volcanic Ash Over Saipan (Pacific Islands Report)
5/26/03: Volcanic Ash Advisory Canceled for Guam (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/26/03: Ash Cloud Moves Away from NMI (Saipan Tribune)
5/26/03: Ash Cancels Marianas Flights, Passengers Stranded (Pacific Islands Report)
5/27/03: Anatahan Volcano Prompts Saipan Health Alert (Go Asia Pacific)
5/28/03: Guam Under Haze Alert (Pacific Magazine)
5/28/03: Haze Alert Reissued (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/30/03: Volcano Haze Warning in Marianas (Go Asia Pacific)
5/30/03: Volcanic Haze Covers Marianas, Taints Water (Pacific Islands Report)
5/30/03: History of Anatahan Offers More than Just Volcanic Eruptions (Guam Pacific Daily News)
5/31/03: CNMI Volcano Forces Warning Over Water Consumption (Radio New Zealand International)
5/31/03: Volcano Ashes Posing Danger to Water Supply (Pacific Magazine)
6/02/03: EMO: Ash Advisory Still in Effect (Saipan Tribune)
6/02/03: Volcanic Eruption Continues in Northern Marianas (Go Asia Pacific)
6/05/03: Anatahan Eruption Prompts Investigation (KUAM 8 News)
6/08/03: Anatahan Volcano Eruption Continues (Saipan Tribune)
6/10/03: Marianas Volcano Still a Danger (Go Asia Pacific)
6/11/03: Marianas Volcano Warning Extended (Go Asia Pacific)
6/11/03: Seismic study's chance capture of volcanic eruption data may offer research windfall (WashU Public Affairs))

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