Earthscope/USArray Imaging Science & CIG Seismology Workshop on Computational Seismology

Charles F. Knight Executive Education Center
Washington University, St. Louis MO

Tuesday, October 31 - Thursday, November 2, 2006

Workshop Summary

This workshop presented theory, documentation and hands-on exposure to several programs of forward modeling and direct imaging methods for teleseismic data. Because forward modeling is an essential part of formal seismic inversion methods, the workshop presented 1-D and 3-D synthetic seismogram codes that are being prepared for community distribution under the auspices of CIG. In addition, the workshop presented several direct imaging methods that have been developed to make images of the lower crust, mantle, and CMB structures using receiver functions or the elastic wavefield.

The workshop involved a combination of both instructional presentations on the methodology and theoretical background of the computational algorithms presented as well as hands-on demonstrations in multi-workstation classrooms. During the in-class tutorials participants were able to run the programs and learn how they work in a practical sense.

In addition, the workshop involved group discussions that allowed for creative brain-storming on the possible directions that computational seismology could take in the years ahead, and the means to discern what these best paths are.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Photos

1-D Normal Mode Synthetics:

Presentation: Guy Masters

Tutorial Materials: (not available yet)

Software: (Soon to be available from CIG)

3-D SPECFEM3D Synthetics:

Presentation: Jeroen Tromp

Tutorial Materials: Tromp_tutorial

Software: Available now from CIG

Seismic Imaging - Geometry and Resolution:

Presentation: Alan Levander

Presentation: Stephane Rondenay

Tutorial Materials: ftp as "anonymous" to, and type "cd pub/alan/ESIS_Workshop" to access the tutorial data files.

Seismic Imaging - Receiver Functions and Signal Conditioning:

Presentation: Gary Pavlis

Tutorial Materials: Pavlis_tutorial

Tutorial Materials: Aster_tutorial

Workshop Organizers:

Imaging Science Workshop PIs: Rick Aster, Alan Levander (Workshop Organizer), Gary Pavlis, Stephane Rondenay

CIG Seismology Working Group: Jeroen Tromp (Chair), Alan Levander, Michael Ritzwoller, Michael Wysession (Workshop Host)

This workshop was funded by the
National Science Foundation