Project SEIZMO

Funded by NSF

Project SEIZMO is now hosted on Github!

Project SEIZMO is a Matlab and GNU Octave based toolbox encompassing a collection of over 700 functions that provide a framework for seismic data preparation, quality control, and analysis akin to that of Seismic Analysis Code with a focus on passive source seismology at regional and global scales (where earthquakes and ambient noise are the sources). There are numerous functions for reading/writing standard seismic data formats, displaying and editing metadata, plotting seismograms, creating animations, data processing, and interactive analysis. Data processing capabilities include correlation, convolution, deconvolution, detrending, differentiation, integration, interpolation, resampling, filtering, merging, response transferring, rotation, stacking, spectral analysis, tapering, and windowing. The toolbox contains collections of functions for arrival time determination and quality control with cross correlation and cluster analysis, Rayleigh wave two plane-wave analysis, seismic ambient noise processing, and frequency-wavenumber analysis. SEIZMO utilizes direct access to the TauP toolkit to administer predicted arrival times, raypaths, pierce points, and travel time curves for several widely recognized 1D seismic earth models. Mapping in SEIZMO draws on the M_Map toolbox. The seismology toolbox also incorporates several 3D mantle models, a catalog of moment tensors from the Global CMT project, and a database of instrument responses available through IRIS. There are functions to aid in rapid prototyping and customization for new functions and documentation for every function is accessible through the inline help system.

SEIZMO is now in it's 4th year of temperamental development. Most of the current development is focused on analysis toolsets and documentation - the core of SEIZMO is quite stable. If you have questions, comments, or would like to contribute please email me at: ggeuler AT seismo (Note the s.) DOT wustl DOT edu



SEIZMO does not:


cluster diffracted filter
fk mapping raypaths
response taup tpw
movies selectrecords stft
fk movie azisweep movie wavewatch movie

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