EPSc 454 Exploration and Environmental Geophysics

Fall 2022

General Information

Class Software

Local Information

Lab Exercise Information

General Laboratory Guide

Diagrams for Brunton Compass

Short Instructions for EDM

Survey Field Notes Sheet

Various manuals and software notes


Gravimeter Instructions

Gravity Data Entry Sheet

Gravity Survey Corrections


G-856 Magnetometer Instructions

Base station G-856 Magnetometer Instructions


Resistivity (SuperSting R1/IP) Instructions

RES2DINV manual


Seismic (Geode) Instructions

Field Exercise Data

Forest Park

General Location Map

Survey Data 9/9/22

Gravity Data 9/9/22

Magnetic Data 9/9/22

Gravity Data(Excel format) 9/9/22

resistivity survey

Wenner Data File

Dipole-Dipole Data File (all points)

Dipole-Dipole Data File


Survey Data 10/29/22

List of Data Files - 2022

2022 Tyson Data Files compressed (zip)

2020 Tyson dipole-dipole resistivity data file

2020 Tyson Schlumberger resistivity data file

Army Tyson Files compressed (zip)