Content from EPSc 595 Seminar: Professional Development in Earth and Planetary Sciences

Schedule/Syllabus (updated 11/2/2021)

Slides from Class:
Session 1: Scientific Literature
Session 2: Scientific Publishing
Session 4: Oral Presentations
Session 5: Research Grants
Session 6: Research Ethics
Session 8: Course Design
Session 9: Teaching Strategies

Example Funded Proposals:
ACS Petroleum Research Fund 2007 new invetigator
NSF Geobiology Low-T Geochemistry 2008
DOE Subsurface Biogeochemical Research 2010
NASA Mars Fundamental Research 2010
NSF Instrumentation and Facilities 2011
NASA Mars Fundamental Research 2013

Example Declined Proposals:
DOE Environmental Remediation Sciences Program 2008
NSF Environmental Chemical Sciences 2009
DOE Early Career 2009
NSF Environmental Chemical Sciences 2012

Guidance Slides: (note: these are posted without permission so don't share these)
ACS Petroleum Research Fund
DOE-BES Geosciences

Example Presentations:
Example Presentation #1
Example Presentation #2
Example Presentation #3
Example Presentation #4

Job Information:
Jeff's Job Talk at Wash U in 2007
Jeff's Job Aplication to Wash U
2008 Article on Non-Academic Jobs in Earth Sciences
2013 Article on Reshaping Academic Training
SERC Site on Non-Academic Careers
EOS Discussion of Non-Academic Careers
EGU Blog on Non-Academic Careers
AGI Career Resources