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Missouri to Massachusetts Array (MOMA)

MOMA was a one-year deployment of 18 PASSCAL broadband seismometers. The stations were evenly spaced (91.5 km average spacing) between the permanent GSN stations CCM (Catherdral Caves) in Missouri and HRV (Harvard) in Massachusetts, covering a distance of 1740 km. Data from earthquakes recorded by the array can substantially increase resolution of structures such as the core-mantle boundary under the Pacific, slab penetration depths in the Aleutians, Kuril-Kamchatka, Peru-Chile, and Central America, and the details of the upper mantle under North America and the Caribbean.

Map and Station Locations

Eos Article (project summary)

Initial Research Results

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This project was funded by the National Science Foundation

Revised: October 22, 2003