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[DIR]2008 Transport properties of low sanidine single-crystals, glasses and melts at high T/2018-08-03 11:39 -  
[DIR]2009 Transport properties of high albite crystals, near-endmember feldspar and pyroxene glasses, and their melts/2018-08-03 11:40 -  
[DIR]2012 Effects of hydration, annealing, and melting on heat transport properties of fused quartz and fused silica from laser-flash analysis/2018-08-03 11:40 -  
[DIR]2014 Effects of chemical composition and temp on transport properties of silica-rich/2018-08-03 11:41 -  
[DIR]2014 Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of single-crystal MgO and Al2O3 as a function of temperature/2018-08-03 11:41 -  
[DIR]2014 Thermal diffusivity of Fe-rich pyroxene glasses/2018-08-03 11:42 -  
[DIR]2014 Thermal diffusivity of electrical insulators at high temperatures evidence for diffusion of phonon-polaritons at infrared frequencies augmenting phonon heat conduction/2018-08-03 11:51 -  
[DIR]2015 Heat transport of micas/2018-08-03 11:42 -  
[DIR]2015 Thermal Conductivity of the Earth/2018-08-03 11:42 -  
[DIR]2015 Thermal diffusivity of feldspathoids and zeolites as a function of temperature/2018-08-03 11:53 -  
[DIR]2016 Transport properties of glassy and molten lavas/2018-08-03 11:43 -  
[DIR]2018 Temperature-dependent thermal transport properties of carbonate minerals and rocks/2018-08-03 11:43 -  
[DIR]Book Ch7 crystals & polycrystals/2018-08-03 11:43 -  
[DIR]Book Ch9 metals and 2017 Isolating lattice from electronic heat transport in metals/2018-08-03 11:44 -  
[DIR]Book Ch10 glasses/2018-08-03 11:43 -  
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