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Bransfield Straight - South Shetlands Ocean Bottom Seismograph Survey (BSOBS)

BSOBS was a 6-month deployment of 14 ocean bottom seismographs (OBS) near the Antarctic Peninsula. The OBS's were deployed from the US Antarctic Research vessel Lawrence M. Gould in November-December, 1998, and were recovered from the Nathaniel B. Palmer in May, 1999. The OBS deployment was conducted in conjuction with the SEPA project (Seismic Experiment in Patagonia and Antarctica), which installed broadband seismographs on land in the same region. The OBS's were of the ONR type, with seven instruments equipped with new broadband PMD sensors and seven instruments with 1 Hz L-4 sensors.

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This project was funded by the NSF Office of Polar Programs

Revised: October 22, 2003