EPSc 580 Deformation of Planetary Materials

FALL 2013

Instructor: Phil Skemer (pskemer@wustl.edu, 5-3584)

Lectures: MW 10:00-11:30a, EPS 184

Shiprock NM, John Shelton

EPSc 580 is a physics-based graduate level course on the deformation of planetary materials. The theoretical bases for brittle and plastic processes will be developed. All significant planetary materials (ice, silicates, iron, liquids) will be discussed in this context. Specific topics will include: stress and strain; thermodynamics; elasticity; crystalline defects; plastic deformation; deformation microstructures; brittle fracture; and rock friction. The application of this knowledge to geology, geodynamics, seismology, and planetary science will be explored through seminar style readings and student presentations. Prerequisites: Introduction to Structural Geology (EPSc 460) or permission of instructor



Creep of Crystals (1985) Poirier
Deformation of Earth Materials (2008) Karato
The Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting, 2nd Ed (2002) Scholz


Supplemental Readings (subject to change)
Ashby and Verrall (1973)
Austin and Evans (2007)
Birch (1952)
Di Toro et al (2011)
Durham and Goetze (1977)
Goldsby and Kohlstedt (2001)
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