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Photo Album

2005  We lost Dr. Larry A. Haskin (1934 - 2005)

Larry was an example intellectual ability, integrity, and enthusiasm for all of us The last talk that Larry gave at Earth & Planetary Science Department was on the new discoveries by Mars Exploration Rovers

2004 Mars Exploration Rover mission at JPL

We were all extremely excited by the successful landing of Spirit rover The images from Mars at Gusev intrigued Larry immensely

2003 Remote Raman unit coupled with MMRS spectrograph

Shiv with his telescope, Alian with her spectrograph, Karla behind the camera. Our Raman lab is not long enough for "remote" testing. We have to shoot the laser across the hallway and even into EMP lab, and have to work during the evenings


2003 MMRS Advanced Brassboard cold test at National Ice Core Lab


MMRS "Show and Tell" at JPL in 2002 & 2003

2002 FIDO rover field test -- Science Operating Working Groups at JPL

Larry works in Geology theme group Brad works in Long-term planning theme group Alian (behind camera) works in mineralogy & geochemistry theme group

Assembling & Testing of MER03 rover

WEB, one of the twin MER03 rovers MER03 spacecraft Testing chamber


Advanced Breadboard of MMRS for on-Earth demonstration

Raman probe, one fiber for sending excitation laser, one fiber for transfer collected Raman radiation Raman spectrograph inside a sealed box providing TEC cooling and preventing water condensation from Earth atmosphere Raman electronics system



The titanium housing for a new model of MMRS

Miniaturized electronic system for MMRS & its builders

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2002 Athena Science Team meeting _13 months before launch (Jan. 2002)

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Meeting participants-- scientists & engineers Comparing MER rover with famous "Yugi" Discussion about ATLO


MEPAG workshop and Discussion with JPL engineering team (Aug. 2001)

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Discussion during the MEPAG workshop was  very intensive The flight instruments built by the devision of our Engineering team Discussion with Bob Wilson (system engineer)

MER-FIDO rover field test (April 30 - May 9, 2001)

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End of day briefing among Athena science team members and JPL engineer team.

inter-group discussions were very helpful in determine where to go and what to do. panchromatic aerial and ASTER images were used to understand the local geology Larry at field test site, finally got some clues for what we cached,  missed, and why.
may01_mer_alian.jpg (90381 bytes) may01_mer_rover1.jpg (347670 bytes) may01_mer_rover2.jpg (327054 bytes) may01_mer_rover3.jpg (347809 bytes)
Alian had a small  accident ~1 hour after this photo was taken. Salute from rover -- some Pancam images are taken. To keep a "cool" and function rover at 106F  was   quite a challenge. JPL rover field team worked very hard to ensure the success of field test.


MER--FIDO rover test at JPL Mars Yard (April 12-13, 2001)

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SOWG chairs and documentarian

members of Geology group are discussing a series CMI images members of Geochemistry & Mineralogy group
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FIDO rover -- IPS measurement FIDO rover -- CMI measurement on rock "Lamda" members of science-engineer team for this test

Recent group photos -- 32nd LPSc at Houston (March 2001)

larry_32lpsc.jpg (197114 bytes) brad_32lpsc.jpg (216029 bytes) raman_32lpsc.jpg (277532 bytes)
Larry and Ryan each gave an excellent talk in the session of lunar impact effect discussion after session was very fruitful (Brad and Dave Stewart) Raman section of the group presented one talk and two posters (out of six abstracts)
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His question was a little tricky Karla met her professor (Hap McSween) Randy met an old buddy (Dick Morris)
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Sunday birding trip before the conference becomes a tradition This year, they got a beautiful judge for Chili Contest We had a good time at barbecue party


Historical photos

group_old.jpg (280290 bytes) raman_2group.bmp (1620054 bytes)

a few past and present members of research group

with Prof. Jill Pasteris research group


Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer development

Optical fiber cold test at Jet propulsion Laboratory (as June 2001)

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Optical fibers are grouped and protected by using a stainless steel capillary. They are wrapped into the form of "coil" to increase the flexibility (Dr. Curt Kiddy) A mechanics is designed to move (stretching, bending, & twisting) fibers in cold bath -- named as "torture unit"
fiber_testingview1.jpg (340817 bytes) fiber1.jpg (334650 bytes) fiber3.jpg (357748 bytes)
Experimental setup for optical fiber cold test designed by Dr. Curt Kiddy. Optical fibers are put inside of cold bath, their motion under different temperature are repeated by "torture unit" these fibers are connected to light source and detectors, the variation of light throughput is monitored.

Visit of JPL engineers to Washington University (February 2001)

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eng_labwork3.jpg (362808 bytes) machineshop.jpg (345800 bytes) larryhome3.jpg (527784 bytes)
Chris Smith and Ken Manatt, Engineers from Jet Propulsion Laboratory come to replace several optical components in BB1d. The sensitivity of this system increases many times. Larry and his wife Mary invited them to have dinner at their house, we had a fun time together.

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