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Members of Research Group

Dr. Larry A. Haskin was the leader of this research group (1934-2005).


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Dr. Randy Korotev is a geochemist who studies the geology of the Moon by using the chemical composition of lunar soils and rocks.  He is particularly interested how the impact process has altered the lunar crust and how we can use the polymict (mixed) materials (soils, breccias) produced by impacts to understand what the early lunar crust was like. He was trained as an analytical chemist and runs the laboratory for instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA).


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Dr. Bradley L. Jolliff   is a petrologist who specializes in planetary geology, mineralogy, and geochemistry. He is currently involved in three main areas of research: petrology and geochemistry of lunar rocks and terrestrial analogs; geology and geochemistry of the Moon using remotely-sensed data; and the use of laser Raman spectroscopy for on-surface planetary analysis of minerals and rocks.


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Dr. Alian Wang is a spectroscopist. She works on geological applications of spectroscopic methods (infrared, Mössbauer, and Raman spectroscopy). She joined the group in 1994 to start a new research direction, in-situ planetary Raman spectroscopy . Alian's major efforts are spent on development of Raman instrumentation and applications of Raman spectroscopy to planetary science. She is the development physicist for the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer.


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Dr. Freeman is a physical-analytical chemist with a background in applications of optical spectroscopy to the structural characterization and quantitative analysis of a wide range of materials. He joins our group in 2001 and works with Alian in the directions of fluorescent properties of minerals and of Raman features of clay minerals.


Ms. Karla Kuebler is a petrologist who initially worked with meteorites. She received her masters degree in geology from the University of Tennessee -Knoxville. She works with Alian and Larry in developing Raman spectroscopy as an on-surface method of identifying and characterizing planetary materials.


Dr. Ryan Zeigler was a graduate student who joined our group in 1998. He passed the final exam and gained his Doctoral degree in Dec. 2004. Ryan will continue as a post-doc research associate working for Lunar project of our group.


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