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Raman study of samples from the May 2001 FIDO test site

Blind field tests of the FIDO (Field Integrated Design & Operations) rover were conducted Apr 30th-May 11th, 2001 at Soda Mountain, CA. We analyzed samples CL01-1 through CL01-13 from that site in the laboratory by Raman spectroscopy to provide a data set that could be compared with results from other instruments.

fido2001_2.jpg (626319 bytes) Minerals found in rocks:

Plagioclase (K-feld, Cristobalite/qtz, SiO2 galss);
Biotite-Phlogopite (stilphnomalene?);
Hornblende (magnesiohastingsite);
Clino- & Orthopyroxene;
Hematite (magnetite, cassiterite, anatase, and brookite);
Alunite (anhydrite);
Graphitic carbon.

Minerals  in soil different from rocks:

More Qtz than cristobalite, more K-feld than plag.

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 Typical Raman spectra from two of the FIDO rocks

Rocks and soils studied by in situ instruments

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"Sonny" & "Summer"

other local rocks

Reference: Kuebler K. E., Jolliff B. L., Wang A., and Haskin L. A., A Raman spectroscopic study of samples from the May 2001 FIDO test site, Abstract #1536, 33th LPSc, 2002.


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