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A Calibration Target Rock for on-surface use

This rock was selected as a calibration target to accompany the Raman instrument to Mars. It has several mineral phases which, together, enable calibration of the entire spectral range of the instrument.

A slab of banded lithology A

massive, dark, Fe-rich lithology B

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Raman spectra of typical minerals in this rock. Among them, multi-peak, water-bearing amphibole and epidote are especially useful for Raman wavelength calibration. Mossbauer spectra taken from the same rock. Such spectra (only from Fe-bearing minerals) provide information complementary to Raman spectra.

Reference:  Jolliff B. L., Wang A., Kuebler E. K., Haskin A. L, Klingelhofer G., "Raman and Mössbauer characterization of a rock for potential use as an on-site calibration target for in situ mineralogy instruments on the Athena rover for Mars Surveyor missions", Thirty Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, (1999) Huston, Texas, USA.

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