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Planetary application of Raman spectroscopy

We have been studying lunar samples (rocks & soils samples from Apollo missions), Martian samples (meteorites), and Martian analog samples byRaman spectroscopy. Through these studies, we gain knowledge of how much compositional and structural information of a mineral can be obtained by in-situ Raman measurements. We develop methods for determining mineral proportions in rocks or soils and identifying rock types.  We learn how weathering and alteration affect the Raman and luminescence features of the minerals and rocks, and we collect information on the Raman characteristics of biogenic organisms and their remains.  These studies are the scientific bases for in-situ planetary Raman spectroscopy. They are also part of our preparations for interpreting Raman data from future missions. In addition, we carry out Raman studies on subjects directly related to the development of mission strategy.

Following are some titles of our planetary Raman studies. You can go to these pages  by clicking on the titles:

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Lunar rocks and soils A Raman point counting procedure


Martian meteorites zagami_1s2.gif (13009 bytes) eeta_10s.jpg (3730 bytes) la_13ms.jpg (4005 bytes)
Zagami EETA 79001 Los Angeles
Martian analogs akb_1s2.gif (10433 bytes) ocean_clays_1.jpg (269505 bytes)
A weathered basalt Clays from
deep ocean drill
Olivine alterations


Mission-related calibrock1_s.jpg (43483 bytes) fido_rover.jpg (244605 bytes) core_image2.jpg (9029 bytes) may01_mer_rover1.jpg (109623 bytes)
A calibration target rock for Athena payload Rocks from 1999 FIDO test site Cored samples by mini-coring device of Athena payload Rocks from 2001 FIDO test site


Basic Raman spectroscopic studies of minerals


Oxidation and hydration minerals

Grain-size effects

Carbonates and sulfates



Fe-Ti-Cr Oxides    


Biogenetic materials mw9_6s.jpg (349861 bytes)
South African chert spores of
Nocardiopsis Alba


Terrestrial life



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