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Welcome to the homepage of Planetary Surface Materials Research Group! This group includes Professor Larry Haskin (1934-2005), Research Associate Professors Randy Korotev , Bradley Jolliff, Senior Research Scientist Alian Wang, Research Scientist John Freeman,  Raman and Neutron Activation Specialist Ms. Karla Kuebler, and Post-doc research associate Ryan Zeigler.


We are interested in the nature and early histories of the Moon and Mars and in the origins of terrestrial materials that are analogs to lunar and Martian rocks. We are also generally interested in applying chemistry to solving problems in terrestrial geochemistry. Our principal techniques are Raman spectrometry, neutron activation analysis, electron probe microanalysis, photogeology and theoretical analysis and modeling.

Since January 2004, Larry, Brad, and Alian has been working as the members of Athena Science team, and operating the two Mars Exploration Rovers (MER, Spirit and Opportunity) for the surface exploration on Mars. Extremely rich science data has been obtained during the whole year's explorations. Both rovers are still in good health, and continue their explorations at Gusev crater and Meridiani plains.

We have been developing the Mars Microbeam Raman Spectrometer (MMRS), a miniaturized Raman spectrometer for planetary exploration in past ten years. This spectrometer was initially part of the Athena instrument package for MER but could not be accommodated because the decrease of final rover design. During the evaluation and selection of the instruments for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), MMRS was ranked the highest category "1", with summary scores of "High" in all three areas including Science merit, Science Implementation, and Technical, Management, and Cost (TMC), and overall risk rating of "low". The only reason for its non-selection is related to the budget limitation of MSL mission. MMRS will be proposed for future mission opportunities.

With the great sadness, we are mourning for our group leader, Dr. Larry A. Haskin, who passed away in the morning of March 24, 2005 due to an illness called myelofibrosis.  Larry will be remembered by his pioneer studies in REE geochemistry, lunar samples, Lunar and martian meteorites, lunar impact cratering, planetary Raman spectroscopy, and Mars explorations. Larry was the mentor and dear friend for all of us in this group, we will miss him forever.

A memorial celebration for Professor Larry A. Haskin's life and contributions was held at Washington University June 24, 2005. Please check the online photo album and a movie that Larry served as English narrator at

In following pages, you will find information about each member of the research group, a description of our research projects ( in lunar geochemistry and in-situ planetary Raman spectroscopy two major directions), and the news of the group’s activitiesAbstracts that we have prepared for the Lunar and Planetary Science Conferences are available on our web site. Publication lists are available, as well.

Please let us know if any of our works interests you !!

Members ] What's New ] Photo Album ] Publications ] Raman Project ] Lunar Project ]

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